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Fight Aging Skin

 by sana on 25 Aug 2011 |
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Aging skin is a normal bodily function that cannot be completely stopped. However, there are steps that can be taken to decelerate the process and hinder certain cellular activities that cause premature aging and its visible effects, including wrinkles, elasticity, lesions, and increasing skin roughness among others. While we cannot stop time, there are ways to combat  Aging Skin using a multi-pronged approach of lifestyle changes and skin therapies to delay the onset and progression of symptoms.

Two of the worst things for your skin are cigarette smoking and sunlight exposure. Both of these activities drastically increase free-radical development within the body and encourage rapidly Aging Skin by setting off a chain of reactions which weaken the skin's cellular structure and alter its DNA, causing aging and illness. Quitting smoking and limiting exposure to sunlight are two of the healthiest lifestyle changes one can make in protecting their skin.

While quitting smoking is difficult and the complete avoidance of sunlight is not practical, there are Skin Care Products on the market that deliver powerful antioxidants into the skin to protect against free-radical damage while protecting the skin from UV light exposure- enhancing the surface of the skin and providing healthier, younger-looking appearance.

What if you could repair the signs of aging overnight? Look out for the newest addition to AGE Smart®. Details coming soon!


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