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Winter Skin Tips

 by skincareexpress on 24 Nov 2012 |
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Dermalogica Active MoistProtect your skin this Winter with Dermalogica

One of the products Dermalogica is best known for is their moisturiser. Unlike typical moisturising products, Dermologica moisturisers don’t just moisturise dry and dehydrated skin. They also protect your skin against the environment and control moisture loss, which is increasingly important as you get older. Dermalogica also recognise that not everyone’s skin is the same, and provide products which are designed to suit a variety of skin types, ranging from extremely dry and prematurely ageing to excessively oily skin.

One of Dermalogica’s most popular moisturising products is Active Moist. This lightweight moisturiser is ideal for daily use, and because it is oil free it’s suitable for oily skin. However, if you suffer from dry skin, the Skin Smoothing Cream will help you to combat premature ageing. Alternatively, the Intensive Moisture Balance cream is thicker with an ultra-rich blend of vitamins and nutrients, proven to drastically boost the health of dry skin.

During winter, several factors can pull moisture from your skin, including cold temperatures, hot showers and soap-based products. This lack of moisture makes your skin more sensitive and receptive to chemicals which cause redness and irritation.

Dermalogica offers several products which can restore moisture to your skin during winter. These include the Multi-Active Toner, which uses aloe vera and cucumber to refresh and rehydrate dry skin, and the Skin Hydrating Booster, which you can mix with moisturiser to hydrate and plump parched skin. Additionally, you should apply a Skin Hydrating Masque a few times a week to infuse your skin with protective antioxidant chemicals. As with clothing, extra layers during winter are the key to remaining in good health!


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