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Adult Acne and Breakouts

A common misconception is that acne only affects teenagers. But more than ever before, adults are suffering with oily and acneic skin conditions. Unfortunately, adult cases of acne are often more persistent than teenage acne, which can be particularly frustrating for those who were spared outbreaks as teenagers.

While stress creates the trigger for acne, there are four main factors that contribute to the development of acne: the production of too much oil; dead skin cell accumulation; bacteria and inflammation.

In order to successfully treat, clear and prevent acne, the cascade of events leading to acne development must be controlled: we must regulate the production of oil, promote exfoliation to help shed dead skin cells from the surface, kill bacteria and soothe inflammation.

Dermalogica's new Medibac Clearing system is formulated specifically to treat adult acne. It is worth noting that most products and treatments for acne are designed for teenage skin, making them too harsh and irritating for adult acne sufferers. The aggressive acne treatments created for teenage skin (which is more resilient) can cause adverse reactions on older skin, including flaking, peeling, excessive dryness and even additional breakouts.

Each Dermalogica product, with its unique acne-fighting and clearing ingredients, is designed to be layered upon the skin to provide around-the-clock, maximum control of the four main factors that contribute to acne.


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