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Sensitive Skin

Sensitivity or Redness conditions

Sensitive skin is a genetically-inherited condition that mainly affects very fair-skinned individuals. Someone with truly sensitive skin is highly prone to blushing, has a very fine complexion and may experience hay fever, allergies or asthma. What most people suffer from is in fact sensitised skin which is not genetically induced but is more a result of the environment, lifestyle and physiology.

The good news is that sensitised skin can be treated. The bad news is that if left untreated, the skin's response can actually deteriorate resulting in permanent cellular damage, which can lead to premature aging.

A few lifestyle modifications can usually prevent most sensitised skin problems: maintaining the skin's barrier function is vital - for example, apply Dermalogica Moisturiser after every cleansing; Skin Hydrating Booster is ideal for optimising the water level of your skin; sun protection is also critical because sensitised skin is even more prone UV damage. Dermalogica Ultra Sensitive FaceBlock SPF25 is a chemical-free sun shield that was developed specifically for sensitised skin.

If you do develop sensitised skin, a special regimen is available from Dermalogica: start with cleansing using Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser which will remove all irritants from the skins's surface; follow with Sooting Protection Spary which will help shield the skin from further assault; Barrier Repair provides the last step, creating an invisible silicone barrier against the outside world.

Sensitive Skin

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