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Dry Skin

Dryness and Dehydration explained

An increasingly stressful lifestyle coupled with continual exposure to the sun, wind and chemicals in the environment contribute to dry and/or dehydrated skin in people of all ages. Dry skin generally refers to skin that is lacking oil, whereas dehydrated skin is characterised by the lack of moisture in the uppermost layer of the epidermis - so, dehydrated skin is not the opposite of oily skin as is often assumed.

Both dry and dehydrated skin is often irritated, inflamed and itchy and it is generally worse in areas of the body with relatively few oil glands such as the arms, legs and torso, as well as the cheeks and eye area. Other symptoms of dry skin can include a feeling of tightness, especially after showering, bathing or swimming.

There are many steps that can be taken to help prevent or lessen the discomfort associated with dry/dehydrated skin. Professional skin treatments coupled with the right lifestyle choices are great ways to begin treating and relieving dry skin. An effective skin treatment for dry skin will include: 
  • Exfoliation: helps remove dulling skin cells while improving penetration of beneficial ingredients. The use of electric brushes will also greatly enhance the penetration of the exfoliation ingredients. Galvanic current can also help to increase product penetration.
  • Emollients: help maintain soft, smooth, pliable skin and will act as a lubricant, helping reduce flaking and moisture loss.
  • Sunscreens:
  • Cleansing: Do not use hot water when cleansing and avoid excessive or abrasive movements.

Dry Skin

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