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About Skincare Express

Who are we?

Skincare Express is an online retail store specialising in the sale of Dermalogica products. Skincare Express is a subsidiary of Salon Beautec Ltd (established 2003) which is a certified Dermalogica beauty salon based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire (UK).

Why Dermalogica?

We chose Dermalogica not only because it is one of the best known quality skin care brands, but because it actually delivers real results in comparison to others in the market.
Dermalogica offers new innovative products and challenges tradition; the product ingredients are pure, giving targeted skin care to individuals. In addition, Dermalogica's product research and development is second to none thus ensuring you will always be getting the highest quality products that have been thoroughly tested.

How are we able to provide advice in selecting the right products?

As Salon Beautec Ltd is a certified Dermalogica beauty salon, we have the practical experience and knowledge of Dermalogica products and in particular the knowledge on how they can benefit your skin care needs. Therefore, we are able to provide professional advice, helping you select the products that best meet your specific needs if need be.

Why choose us?

Everything we do at Skincare Express is centred around you: we want to ensure that you have the highest quality service when you order Dermalogica products from us. This means:

  • Competitive prices
  • Prompt delivery
  • Professional advice
  • Free samples

We hope you enjoy visiting our site and as we value customer feedback, please feel free to let us know if we can improve your online experience.